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Contact us


tel. 22 55 21 402; 22 55 21 405

Office hours: 9:00- 15:00,

Monday – Thursday

Oficyna Pałacu Tyszkiewiczów-Potockich,

ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 32

Staircase D, room 58

Contact with queries relating to:

· online placement tests

· difficulties with registering for or withdrawing from language classes or certificate exams

· applying for additional LEK, LEK2 or EGZ-JO tokens

· all matters concerning payment for language classes (including paying by instalments)

· registering for a revision course (for students who have used up both their free exam tokens)

· registering for a language course or a certificate exam for persons from outside the University of Warsaw

· settlement of e-workflow

· registration schedules


tel. 22 55 26 075

Contact for:

all matters relating to University of Warsaw Certificate exams, e.g., applying for a change of date for an oral exam, viewing your written paper, appeals, explaining absence from an exam, carrying over the result of the written exam to the next exam session, other queries relating to the Certificate exams.













Contact for:

submitting an application for a language proficiency certificate on passing the certificate exam   


















Consultation hours of members of the University of Warsaw’s Coordination Committee for Foreign Language Teaching and Language Proficiency Certification

ATTENTION: consultation is conducted via email. If you would like to meet via messenger, please inform us by 19:00 the day before the scheduled consultation hour.


Name mail day hours
dr hab. prof. ucz Radosław Kucharczyk chairman of the council
Wydział Neofilologii
r.kucharczyk@uw.edu.pl Tuesday 12.00-13.00
mgr Anna Antoniuk council member

Wydział Lingwistyki Stosowanej

anna.antoniuk@uw.edu.pl Wednesday 15.00-16.00
dr Anna Cegiełka council member
a.cegielka@uw.edu.pl Thursday 11.30 – 12.30
dr Andrzej Dąbrowski council member
andrzej.dabrowski@uw.edu.pl Wednesday 13.00-14.00
dr Ewa Guz członekCKNJOiEE e.guz@uw.edu.pl Tuesday 11:00-12:00
mgr Katarzyna Guzik-Kozłowska council member
k.guzik3@uw.edu.pl Tuesday 12.30-13.30
dr hab. prof. ucz. Anna Jaroszewska council member
Wydział Neofilologii
a.jaroszewska@uw.edu.pl Tuesday 12.00-13.00
dr Piotr Kajak council member
Wydział Polonistyki
p.kajak@uw.edu.pl Tuesday 13.00-14.00
mgr Inga Kotańska council member
Wydział Orientalistyczny
i.kotanska@uw.edu.pl Friday 15.00-16.00
dr Magdalena Kubarek council member
Wydział Orientalistyczny
mkubarek@uw.edu.pl Thursday 11.00-12.00
dr hab. Agnieszka Leńko-Szymańska council member
Wydział Lingwistyki Stosowanej
a.lenko@uw.edu.pl Tuesday 12.00-13.00
mgr Teresa Piotrowska-Małek council member
Wydział Polonistyki
teresa.piotrowska@uw.edu.pl Tuesday 13.00 – 14.00
dr Jacek Romaniuk council member
jromaniuk@uw.edu.pl Monday 14.00-15.00
dr Dorota Karczewska proficiency certification officer d.karczewska@uw.edu.pl Monday 10.00 – 11.00
mgr Arkadiusz Misiak coordinator USNJO amisiak@uw.edu.pl Thursday 13.30 – 14.30
dr Jo Lewkowicz expert of the Coordinating Council
Biuro Innowacji Dydaktycznych UW