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Schedule clash with faculty exam

Scheduling of Certificate Examinations

The written exam is always conducted in accordance with the University’s academic calendar – during the first two days of the examination session.  There should be no faculty exams scheduled at those times.  The schedule for oral exams is given on the website ‘Session Schedule’ tab. Students will be informed of the exact date and time of the oral exam along with the result of their written exam. Where there exists a potential clash between a faculty exam and the oral, students should, no later than on the day of the written language exam, submit from their faculty proof that they (the named student) is scheduled to take a faculty exam (stating the start time and length of the exam). In such a case, the time of the oral exam will be adjusted to take account of the faculty exam.

ATTENTION: the above does not apply to the B2 English exam since students independently select the date and time of their exam by registering via USOS.