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Registration for external candidates

Creating an account and registering for a language course

Persons who have already set up an account and wish to register again, should send an e-mail providing their first and last name as well as their PESEL no. to jezyki.koordynator@uw.edu.pl requesting activation of their account.

  1. Setting up an account:
  • on this website https://irk.uw.edu.pl/en-gb/home/JEZYKI/ go to CREATE AN ACCOUNT and fill in all the required fields
  • to confirm setting up an account it is NECESSARY to send an e-mail to: jezyki.koordynator@uw.edu.pl, stating the following:
    • your status (UW student or someone from outside the UW)
    • type of course (e.g., intensive summer course; regular semester starting in the winter semester)
    • selected language, course level
  • wait for a confirmation e-mail
  1. Registering for a language course:

III. On-line placement test 

Persons who wish to enrol for a course in: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian or Russian must take a placement test at least two days before registering [more]

  1. Payment
  • From the academic year 2023/2024 tuition fee is 1178,40 PLN per language course (60h)
  • Payment should be made within 2 weeks from the start of the course or information should be sent to the provider by email if you wish to withdraw from the course


Please note that we do not:

  • provide assistance in obtaining a visa,
  • issue any form or written proof of enrolment on a course