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Failing the oral exam

Failing the oral part of the exam

Students who have passed the written exam, but failed the oral my repeat only the oral in the next examination session provided that it falls within one didactic cycle, i.e., within the same academic year. The result of the written part will then be carried over from the previous session.

In this case the student should send a request to certyfikaty@uw.edu.pl asking that their name be added to the list of candidates taking the oral exam.  The request should:

  • include the student’s PESEL number or if they have no PESEL, their index number; the language and level of the exam in question
  • be sent no later than the day of the registration deadline for the repetition course in a given session.

Students will be informed by email of the date and exact time of the exam and they only need to attend the oral exam.  They do not need to register for the exam via USOS.

If students have no remaining exam tokens, they should register for the online language revision course and pay the fee.