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Registration guidelines


    • University of Warsaw students of first cycle studies and long second-cycle studies are entitled to 240 language course tokens (type LEK), regardless of the number of fields they are studying or have studied.
    • Students of second-cycle studies are entitled to LEK2 type course tokens which can only be used to learn a language at B2+ level.
    • Third-cycle students are entitled to 120 language course tokens (type LEK).
    • Once the token limit has been exceeded, a fee is charged for all subsequent language classes.  The system will inform students twice of this during registration.
    • To participate in language courses offered by authorized UW units, students must register themselves online through the token registration system. 
    • Students who are not registered in the USOS system have no right to attend language classes.
    • Registering for a paid course obliges the student to pay for that course.
    • Registering for a language course uses a specified number of tokens (or PLN).
    • Students who fail to withdraw from a course within the allocated registration period, will lose their tokens or money paid, even if they do not attend the course.  
    • Withdrawing from a course does not lead to the automatic cancellation of the registration, but will result in the student losing their tokens for the semester.  If the original registration is for a year-long language course, the system will transfer registration to the summer semester, and if the student no longer has any tokens, will charge the student 1178,40 PLN. It is therefore very important that students take care to deregister themselves before the start of the summer semester.
    • It is not possible to pursue an e-learning language course at the same level for a second time, if the system shows you have passed the course.
  • The above also applies to e-language courses at the same level offered by different units, e.g., 4101-ANGSB1.a and 4024-ANGSB1.1.a as these are the same course.
  • Language teachers / lecturers do not register students for or deregister them from their classes.  In exceptional situations students can seek help from the Office for Innovation in Teaching and Learning jezyki.koordynator@uw.edu.pl
  • Applications to be added to the registration list / to be deregistered should be submitted immediately after the start of classes.
  • Faculties/departments are not the providers of foreign language courses, therefore all administrative matters relating to language courses should be addressed to jezyki.koordynator@uw.edu.pl
  • Students who are proficient in a language and meet the exam requirements may take a language exam without participating in a language course. They may decide to use their tokens to learn another language or not to use them at all (unless otherwise stipulated by their study programme).
  • Registration for language courses is on a strict first-come-first-served basis.  Once a given group is full, registration for that group will close and registration will no longer be possible.