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General regulations


  1. All full-time and part-time (evening) undergraduate students are required to pass a foreign language certificate examination at B2 level or above.
  2. Undergraduate students whose study programme outcomes are at a foreign language level of C1 or above, are not required to take a B2 certificate examination.
  3. Students who hold one of the language certificates specified in the Council’s Resolution 5 [LINK] are exempt from taking a University certificate examination. Such a certificate is deemed equivalent to the University certificate (the result will be entered into the USOS system under the decision tab, but does not entitle students to a university certificate).
  4. All language certificate exams take place during examination sessions (dates of the written exams are announced in the University of Warsaw’s academic calendar, while the dates of the oral exams are announced on the website of the Coordination Council). Students are required to attend the exams on designated dates.
  5. The certificate exams scheduled for the additional March exam session are only for those students who failed the English exam at B2 level. No other student can register for this session.
  6. Students have the right to take a certificate exam free of charge on two separate occasions. After that if they need to improve their score, they need to obtain an additional exam token. To obtain a further token they must first take a paid online language revision course (see details under registration tab: additional exam tokens).  If students wish to take another language exam (in a different language or at a different level), once they have used their two free exam tokens, they need to pay for an additional token.
  7. Once exam token registration has closed, no student can be added to the list of candidates.
  8. Candidates with a documented disability who require special arrangements should contact the Disabled Persons Office (BON) at least 3 weeks prior to the scheduled exam date (bon@adm.uw.edu.pl). See Dostosowania dla studentów pod opieką BON UW  for information on accommodations for persons with special needs.


  1. Depending on their needs and interests, students are free to choose any language course at any CEFR level offered as part of the The University System of Language Provision (USLP) and gain credit for the course
  2. If students wish to take a certificate exam at more than one level, they may do so using a remaining exam token or by purchasing an additional token
  3. Obtaining a language proficiency certificate at a level below B2, does not exempt a student from passing a B2 level exam.