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Failing to attend the oral exam

Absence from the oral exam

Students absent for personal reasons not supported by any formal document, are required to sit BOTH parts of the exam during the next examination session (i.e., the written exam, even if you were awarded a pass originally, as well as the oral exam).

Students absent for reasons beyond your control such as illness which is supported by formal documentation, may sit for only the oral in the next examination session (that is within one didactic cycle, i.e., within the same academic year).  They need to inform in writing the Chairperson of the Examination Board of their circumstance no later than 7 days after the examination. All relevant documents (e.g., medical certificate, letter from you Head of Department confirming your going on a scholarship or internship, etc.) should be included with the application to defer the oral exam.

Please note: the application deadline is 7 days from the day of the exam.

After the decision is taken with regard to your application, you will receive information about the date and exact time of your oral via email.