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Applying for additional exam tokens

Applying for additional exam tokens

Students who have used their exam tokens but need to retake the written part of a language exam, must register for a 10-hour online revision course. The cost of the course, including verification of its completion, is PLN 150. The course is available on the KAMPUS PLATFORM https://kampus.come.uw.edu.pl/course/index.php?categoryid=25

The revision course does not count as part of any study programme.  Students do not get ECTS points for participating in the course and they are not assessed on the course.  In the USOS system the field is left blank.


Procedure leading to exam registration (with additional exam token)

Sign up for the online revision course via the token registration page by the date specified there.

Pay for the course.  The amount to be paid will appear in the PAYMENTS tab.

You will receive a token after the payment has been credited to the UW account (approximately 2 working days after payment). Failure to pay will mean you cannot register for the exam.

Once you have received your exam token, register for the exam at: http://rejestracja.usos.uw.edu.pl

Students who wish to take an additional exam (in another language or at a different level) can request for an additional paid token by writing to the Coordinator of Foreign Language Provision at jezyki.koordynator@uw.edu.pl